About the eyelashes





Again and again I am asked are the real hair eyelashes? What is the difference between Mink and Silk Lashes? 



Here is an explanation: 


The common silk or mink eyelashes have nothing to do with the material silk nor with real mink hair or cashmere. 


e.g. Silk or Mink are simply different names and they all consist of allergy-free synthetic, deep black and very elastic synthetic fibers, or PBT or polybutylene terephthalate.   



Silk lashes:


The strength, texture and shape of the silk eyelash is very similar to that of the natural eyelash.  They are thicker at the bottom and at the end they are pointed at the top. They get their shine by a special addition of silicone. 



Mink lashes:


Mink lashes definitely have nothing to do with real animal hair! This is forbidden! Mink lashes look very natural and have a pleasant wearing comfort. They are matt and harder compared to the silk eyelashes. Since the Mink Lashes have a rougher surface, the adhesive strength on the natural eyelashes is better. Mink lashes are lighter and more resistant to temperature fluctuations.









Prodcts for practice

Glue underlay

Clean and pre-tratement


Cosmetic bags/ storage

Ultra Bonding Glue 5ml 0.5 Sek.
CHF 59.00 2 CHF 44.00 3
Diamond Glue 5ml 1-3 Sek.
CHF 69.00 2 CHF 42.00 3
Spuckschutz /Plexiglas Schutz
CHF 149.00 2 CHF 139.00 3
Tweezers cleaner
CHF 19.90 2 CHF 17.90 3
Kleber Nadel Kappen
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Jade Stein
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