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Nadia Occhiuzzi - Managing Director / Owner

Geschäftsführerin Geschäftsinhaberin Style Me Up Füllinsdorf Nadia Occhiuzzi

to my person:

My name is Nadia Occhiuzzi and I am 32 years old. Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the beauty and art of make-up, fingernails and hairstyles. Soon I discovered my greatest talent and made this my hobby and this hobby later became my profession. The dream of my own studio, I have now met and with "Style Me Up" I want to help many women to beautiful nails, eyelashes and hairstyles.


My training:


In order to offer my clients the best, I constantly attend training courses. This allows me to learn new techniques and gain other important experiences that have a very positive impact on my clientele. I often take part in competitions to measure my skills with other participants. My awards include:

Naildesign and feet

  • Basic education Naildesign
  • Airbrush
  • One Stroke / Brush painting
  • 3D flowers with Acrylic
  • Basic education foot -French
  • Nailart Master for Professionals 



  • Basic education Eyelash extensions
  • all about brows and lashes

Hairstyling and Extensions

  • Basic education Hairextensions
  • Different Hairstyling courses in Switzerland and Germany

Make up Artist


  • Visagisten Make Up 1
  • Visagisten Make Up 2
  • Make Up Artist Diplom
  • Intensiv Workshop in Wiesbaden

Permanent Make up / Microblading

  • Basic education Permanent Make up
  • Microblading intensiv course
  • Microblading Perfektionstraining  Professional
  • Microblading PHIBrows



Style Me Up

 Nadia Occhiuzzi

Scheihagweg 17

  4452 Itingen   


E-Mail: info@style-me-up.ch